With the Sabab Lou Foundation, we’re accomplishing DEVELOPMENT WORK in accordance with our guiding principle, “creating jobs together”; the main point thereby being helping others help themselves. Using entrepreneurial projects, we’re enabling people who live in extreme poverty to generate their own income and to free themselves from impoverishment and misery.

The foundation was established on March 17th, 2009 by Dr. Friedrich Keller-Bauer and is recognized as an incorporated foundation under civil law. “It shall exclusively and directly pursue charitable and non-profit purposes”, as quoted from the CHARTER of Sabab Lou. We report regularily about our activities, namely in our annual financial report JAHRESABSCHLUSS (in German) and more extensively in an ANNUAL REPORT.

Over the past eight years, the foundation has implemented three PROJECTS in Sub-Saharan Africa, two large agricultural projects and a classic microcredit project. All three projects have reached their maturity stages and the responsibility all of them now lies with our local partners. We’ve been able to gain a lot of experience throughout the years and we know what needs to be done in order to lead projects to their success. With this expertise we started a fourth project in 2019, the Gambian Youth Project – a work and training program for unemployed young people.

Close support during the implementation is just as important to us as the evaluation of the project results and the results of the foundation; for details see the ANNUAL REPORT (German). Not to forget the checks and balances among the partner organizations and the foundation’s board. To that effect, we regularly ask our African-based NGOs for annual financial reports. The foundation’s board of directors includes three people: Friedrich Keller-Bauer serves as the chairperson of the board; Martina Herzog deals with finances; and Peter Beutelspacher is responsible for communications. The foundations supervisory body, the board of trustees, is equipped with extensive authorities. The trustees currently include Achim von Heynitz as the chairperson, as well as Klaus Fischer and Dr. Steffen Schniepp. Read more under TEAM.