Stiftung Sabab Lou

»What you must do to reach your goal«


Sabab Lou Foundation was established by Friedrich Keller-Bauer in 2009. Headquartered in Grabenstetten on the Swabian Alb Mountains, the foundation is a non-profit organisation holding legal status under civil law and is exclusively operational. The name Sabab Lou comes from the West African tribal language Wolof and means what you must do to reach your goal. View the Statutes here.


In the early years, the foundation carried out income-generating agricultural projects together with individual communities in the West African countries of Senegal, The Gambia and Ghana. With the number of refugees steadily increasing since 2015, we decided to focus on young people and provide them with in-depth agricultural training. Our key objective was to teach them to farm in a way that enables them to earn a livelihood in their African countries of origin. In September 2019, the Gambian Youth Project was inaugurated in Balingho in central Gambia. Since then, the project has given rise to a training centre that has attracted attention beyond The Gambia and is considered a benchmark for projects in other African countries. The beating heart of this facility is the training concept developed by Sabab Lou together with the Gambian partner organisation, which is being carried out with excellence in Balingho. Find out more at Holistic Agribusiness Solutions.


On 1 November 2023, we outsourced the administration of the foundation to a professional management company, HST Hanse StiftungsTreuhand GmbH, due to a reduced administrative workload. We will not be implementing any further training projects on our own, but assist other organisations with implementing our training concept within their projects. However, we will continue to maintain and develop the training institute in The Gambia. The facility operates a dual training system, which means it is able to cover part of its expenses through sales revenue. But given the need to provide lodgings, meals and training for 80 young people at any one time, the facility will not be able to fully support itself. This is why we depend on you for your support.


Momodou Y Bah

CEO Rural Development Organization, The Gambia

Klaus Fischer

Advisory Board, Sabab Lou

Dr. Friedrich Keller-Bauer

Chairman Board of Directors, Sabab Lou

Cosmas Lambini Kombat

Board of Directors, Sabab Lou

Edith Lanfer

Vocational Training & Education, Sabab Lou

Romain Migan

Head Agricultural Production, Rural Development Organization, The Gambia

Linda Irina Spahlinger

Executive Board, Sabab Lou

Dr. Steffen Schniepp

Chairman Advisory Board, Sabab Lou

Andrea Spennes-Kleutges

CEO, Sabab Lou

Achim von Heynitz

Advisory Board, Sabab Lou


Statutes Sabab Lou
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Statutes Sabab Lou
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