Stiftung Sabab Lou

Ending poverty by enabling young Africans to start a sustainable working life

We invest in people

We offer our strength, knowledge and expertise as well as our funds so that young people in Africa can build a sustainable, dignified future in their native countries. By providing them with a one or two-year profound training programme in the methods and practices of holistic agriculture, we enable them to generate sufficient, sustainable income and ensure their livelihood.


There is no investment without capital. Our capital is a training concept that has matured over the years, combining the theory and practice of productive and sustainable agriculture. Our main focus is to maintain and develop fertile soil. We teach and practise an agronomic circular economy that actively involves young people in a reciprocal cycle of give and take between humans and nature.

Our teaching and training methods are also tailored to the specific regions, soil conditions and market dynamics within a given country. This means that the textbooks we use for a project in southern Tanzania differ from those in The Gambia, West Africa. Young people need to be on board with these methods and practices in order to recognise the potential of agriculture in their country and leverage it to achieve productive results.

Ending poverty

This type of agriculture guarantees lasting soil health and a livelihood for the people who cultivate that soil for decades to come. Moreover, it is an essential requirement that will allow young small-scale farmers to maintain their farms in the long term and ensure their viability over time. Through their own efforts, they can escape poverty and hardship in their country. They are the real actors in achieving the first UN Sustainable Development Goal, which is to end poverty in all its forms everywhere. It is these young people who follow their entrepreneurial spirit and convictions to create better lives in their home countries. We provide them with guidance at the outset of their journey.

Support us in our efforts to end poverty and enable young Africans to start a sustainable working life.


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