Stiftung Sabab Lou

Holistic Agricultural Training in Sub-Sahara Africa


Established in 2019, the center has become a highly regarded and recognised benchmark for in-depth holistic agricultural training in sub-Saharan Africa. The dual training programme, which focuses on vegetable production, poultry farming, livestock fattening and animal husbandry, further processing of agricultural products and business management, is integrated into an agricultural enterprise. The two-year training programmes, staggered by one year, are held continuously, each with up to 40 apprentices. The young people stay in the camp, where they live, learn and work. The third group completed the training course in September 2023.

Self financing

The centre has been fully established since November 2023 and can finance itself in part. Around 50 per cent of the €16,000 required to operate the facility each month is covered by the proceeds from the sale of vegetables, fruit and eggs. However, this also means that an additional €7,000 to €8,000 is required each month. This includes administrative expenses, meals, accommodation and remuneration for the apprentices, their teachers and instructors, as well as money for operating resources such as fertiliser, seeds and chicken feed. In addition, reserves are required for the replacement of fixed assets and for maintenance and repairs. The training center will therefore rely on subsidies over the long term. Still, the bottom line is that the institute is capable of covering a significant portion of its own costs, an achievement that cannot be overlooked.

Impact Assessment

Impact measurement is aimed at tracking how many apprentices have successfully completed their training and how many graduates are employed in skilled jobs or run their own businesses in the medium term. Most of them are growing vegetables, keeping chickens or raising sheep and goats. After three courses, the results are impressive.

of apprenticies
of apprentices
Employed/in business
up to 10/23
1 9/19 40 9/21 33 30
2 9/20 40 9/22 36 28
3 9/21 40 9/23 26
4 9/22 54


The project has a unique impact on graduates in terms of skilled employment or entrepreneurial activities in the medium term. That young people in Africa are capable of earning a livelihood in their countries after receiving expert training is a clear indication of the success of the center and the training concept.