Stiftung Sabab Lou

Three Options to support our work

First option: Support
the Gambian Training Center

By supporting the training center, you will be helping to cover the shortfall between the available funds and the actual costs. About half of the running costs can be covered by the income the center generates through its agricultural activities. But there are not enough funds to cover the other half of the costs for operating the facility. In addition, funds must be placed in reserve for the maintenance and replacement of equipment. The cumulative investment in buildings and other facilities over the past few years comes to approximately €750,000. Considerable sums will need to be raised over the next 15 to 20 years to keep the project going. For example, the solar pumping and irrigation systems for the 12-hectare farming area and the solar power system for the building complex will need to be replaced.

When making a donation for the centre, please enter »Training Center« as the payment reference.

Second option: Sponsor an apprentice

You can sponsor one of the apprentices starting in September 2023. An apprenticeship costs €85 per month. This includes a monthly salary of €27, lodging and meals in addition to the training costs. Most of the salary is set aside and saved over a 24-month period. Once the apprentices have completed the programme, the savings are paid out to them. They can then use the money as start-up capital for their small business.

You can sponsor an apprentice for anywhere from one month to the entire 24-month period as follows: €85 for 1 month, €170 for 2 months, €255 for 3 months, etc. up to €2,040 for 24 months.

When making a donation to sponsor an apprentice, please enter »Scholarship« as the payment reference.

Third option: Support Sabab Lou

If you believe in the approach of providing an in-depth training programme in the countries of origin, this is your opportunity to support the foundation and its work. Your donation will help maintain and expand the foundation’s operations and the services it provides. At Sabab Lou, our ultimate goal is to stand up for the concerns and needs of young Africans by becoming more actively involved in the discussion around migration and asylum and demonstrating an alternative solution in their countries of origin. Your donation lets us know that you value and appreciate all our efforts.

If you would like to support the foundation, please enter »Sabab Lou« as the payment reference.