Pictures from Ghana: women start fertilizing soy fields

Thanks to numerous donations, the women of the Anoshe Women Project in North-East Ghana were able to fertilize their fields. And the rains started as well. See the pictures. 

Start des Düngerprojekts: Frau freut sich über die wachsenden Setzlinge @Sabab Lou

Just two months ago we kindly asked all of you for donations, so that we would be able to purchase the necessary fertilizer for the soy fields of the Anoshe women. The sole income of the women was at risk. The yield was diminishing year by year, because the soil lacks all important nutrients. The only solution: we need to fertilize the soil.

Thanks to all of your support, we were able to buy the necessary fertilizer on time for this years planting cycle.

Dünger Projekt Ghana: Nahaufnahme von drei Frauen @Sabab Lou

  1. First the Fertisoil, the organic fertilizer was distributed among the participants and ploughed into the fields. 

  2. Then the seeds were sowed into the earth – in precise lines and distances to support growth.

  3. Three weeks after germination, the TSP fertilizer was applied to each and every single seedling. 

All of this meant a  enormous workload fort he women. During the entire time they were supported by project managers Nicholas and Akor, as well as Precious and Mumin, the excellent agric support officers, under supervision by professor Joseph from theUniversity for Development Studies in Tamale/Ghana. 

Dünger Projekt Ghana: Gruppenfoto von den Projektleitern und Agrar-Experten @Sabab Lou

From left to right: Wahab, Precious, Nicholas, Akor

Ploughing in of organic matter

There was not enough animal manure in some of the households, so we had to buy additional organic fertilizer. 100 kilogram bags of Fertisol were distributed per field. Even though we rented additional tractor services, the ploughing of all fields lasted over three weeks.

Lastwagen voll beladen mit 100kg Säcken Fertisoil, organischem Dünger ©Sabab Lou

Zeit, um zu Düngen: Projektleiter Akor verteilt die Säcke Fertisoil ©Sabab Lou

Voller Aufregung: Die Frauengruppe in Nansoni freut sich über die Ankunft des organischen Düngers @Sabab Lou

Pro Feld wurden drei 100 kg schwere Säcke Fertisol an die Frauen ausgegeben. ©Sabab Lou

The seeding

Now the women took action. Highly motivated by the incredible support and assistance of Precious and Mumin, the women started the tillage of their fields. Even their husbands and children helped prepare the fields. 

Dünger Projekt Ghana: Gruppenfoto mit ein paar Frauen @Sabab Lou

Assistenten Precious und Mumin unterstützen bei dem Auftragen des Düngers @Sabab Lou

Düngerprojekt in Ghana: Auch die Männer und Kinder helfen den Frauen, den Dünger auf die Felder zu bringen ©Sabab Lou

Dünger Projekt in Ghana: Die Männer helfen mit @Sabab Lou

Vor dem Düngen: Sorgfältig gespannte Schnüre geben den Reihenabstand vor ©Sabab Lou

Germination and growth

On the fields which were ploughed first, the growth of the soy beans advanced in expected time. Almost with devotion the women inspected the growth of their soy beans. This is the beginning of decisive change on the fields. So they hope. So we hope.

Dünger Projekt Ghana: Die Sojapflanzen sprießen aus dem Boden @Sabab Lou

Dünger Projekt Ghana: Grüne Felder @Sabab Lou


Application of TSP

After the fields were ploughed, the weed removed, the first rain fell and germination startet, it was time to apply the TSP. Since these steps had to follow in short sequence to each other, the women prepared all fields in a joint effort. Step by step, as cooperative. 

To not waste any of the valuable TSP, the fertilizer was applied carefully next to each plant. For hours on end in bent position. 

Dünger Projekt Ghana: Frauen bringen in gebeugter Haltung den Dünger an den Setzlingen an @Sabab Lou

In mühsamer Arbeit fügen die Frauen den Dünger jedem einzelnen Setzling hinzu @Sabab LouBut the women are ready for any effort. They will give their utmost commitment to regain healthy fields.

Arm in Arm: Assistent Precious und eine Farmerin freuen sich über das Austreiben der Sojapflänzchen ©Sabab Lou

Now we have to keep our fingers crossed. That all measurements reach their optimal effect. And that rains will fall as needed . . . We´ll keep you posted. 

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