We mourn for Nurudeen Bah


With deep sadness we are announcing the passing away of our wonderful friend Nurudeen Bah on September 9.

The day before Friedrich flew to The Gambia to convey the message of responsibility and ownership of the project to the villages. Nurudeen was chairman of the board of the NGO being responsible for project, and he had been awaiting this step for so long. Capacity building was his vision and engagement, participation and partnership his aim. Nurudeen came along on this important visit, all villages responded very positive. In the evening Nuru, Jamu and Friedrich sat together with alleviation and confidence, then Nurudeen took off to Banjul. Half way the military jeep which took Nuru along crashed into an insecurely parked vehicle. The driver and Nurdeen lost their lives.

We are shocked and and ask, WHY? „Inshallah“, we are told.

With gratitude and our mark of esteem we pay tribute to Nurudeen, without him our project would not be where it is today. His achievements remain, his death is our responsibility to continue his engagement.

We are mourning with his family.

Edith and Friedrich

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  1. It was very sad mid evening in Brussels when Frieder informed me about the sudden death of Mr. Nurudeen Bah. I have briefly met him at the start of our small networking organisation (CRW) for young graduates from Berlin in 2010. Late Nuru was very committed to bringing development to his people in Baddibu. He gave all he could to make change happen in his community, finally his own life in the course of bringing change. Allah(God) knows why He called him on this day and time. We all pray for the repose of his soul and peace to his family and friends.