The Gambian Youth Project – more important than ever

At least  800 Gambians in Germany are currently facing imminent deportation to their homeland, where unemployment and a lack of future prospectives is waiting for them.

4.000 Gambians

out of approximately 16,000 who are living in Germany at the moment are classified as obliged to leave the country. Even the remaining 12,000 will have the least chance of being granted asylum or any other protection status. Currently, the recognition rate is about four percent. Dr. Stefan Oswald, head of the department „Marshallplan with Africa, Flight and Migration“ of the BMZ during his visit of a training center that is built in the Gambia with the support of the ministry announced on 18.04.2019 that about 800 Gambians without residence permission will be returned to their homecountry soon. He added that if they’re willing they could make it in the Gambia. (, paged on 22.4.2019).
It should not be that easy. Around 150,000 Gambian adolescents between the ages of 13 to 30 are already unemplayed. This corresponds to an unemplayment rate of almost 40 percent. Thousands of returning migrants would lead to a significant surplus load in the labour market. At once the risk of disturbances would increase as well. Is Berlin noticing this? Or is one seduced by the idea of bringing as many illegals out of the country as soon as possible with the help of a cooperative Gambian government.

This makes the transformation of the Gambian Youth Project even more important

together with our local partner organization RDO (Rural Development Organization) . Our project offers the chance of running through a two year lasting education programm to 80 Gambian adolescents per year. The programm not only teaches them necessary agricultural knowledge but as well economic know how and therefore provides perfect conditions for starting an independent life. Additionaly a fund is set up per student which functions as seed money after graduation. Simultaneously the project brings new perspectives to the rural area in the Noth Bank of Gambia and shows how vegetable gardening can be successful there.

First constructions already began

and we’re looking forward to shortly being able to report more on this project that we apparently started at the right time and place. Please support our work with your donation. By doing so you’ll make a contribution to the success of our work.

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