The factor of time in agricultural education

Of course, horticulture is determined by many factors – for profitability, time is a very crucial factor. Likewise for business planning.

Milestone Planning Workshop in May 2021, ©Sabab Lou

Milestone Planning Workshop


The first year trainees in the Gambian Youth Project are approaching their graduation – time is running out. So it’s time to turn their attention to business planning, time to schedule and set deadlines for upcoming tasks.

In a workshop on milestone planning, the young people tried to give their business concept a time frame so that it would not run away from them. What do I need to do first, what next, when is a critical milestone to evaluate and possibly adjust my business plan? We want them to be prepared not only agriculturally, but also in terms of business management. They won’t get tired of question marks and uncertainty.

The time factor in cultivation


Creating an awareness of the time factor is still playful in a workshop; in profitable cultivation, time becomes a serious player. Only those who grow the next generation of plants in good time will be able to achieve the highest possible productivity. Only those who provide balanced compost in time will be able to return nutrients removed from the soil so that the next crop can thrive. Only those who create and consistently implement a timed cultivation plan will be able to generate the best possible turnover.

Cultivation Planning Workshop in May 2021, ©Sabab Lou

So no ‚well, let’s see‘. That is why in our training project in Ballingho, Gambia, we try to prepare the young people for the time after graduation. With knowledge and planning we guide them into independence. They bring along the seriousness as well as the conviction to realize their professional success in vegetable growing, animal husbandry or food processing.

Time is running


Also for us. Then we will see whether we have reached our critical milestone – the professional empowerment of Gambian youth to become successful farmers.

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