Stories of courage – 3/3

Part 3: A joyous reunion after seven years. 

„She is so luminuous, she speaks so courageous, she is so energetic, so full of pride, that we don´t notice her scarred face. Her inner beauty is stronger and enchants everybody.“ Written 2009.

Albertina was one of our first beneficiaries. Single mother. HIV infected. Scarred. But she turned towards life.

Seven years later. A reunion full of grateful memories. Her success – our most wonderful gift. Since many years she prepares all sorts of delicious snacks, her oven which she got with help from family and a microloan from our First Step Foundation, is her working capital until today. Only problem: the prices for the ingredients have risen enormously. She will have to match the market prices, if she wants to keep on earning a living. But she has bright ideas for the future. Good, that we met and could talk to her. We will stay by her side, every step of the way. 


Sabab Lou = what needs to be done to reach your goal

Teil 1: Well done, Edrissa!

Teil 2: „Next call for applications!“

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