Stories of courage – 2/3

Part 2: „Next call for applications!“

The meeting with the young entrepreneurs in our Northeast Ghana project is a very joyous one. The formerly shy applicants are now proud business people.

Salefu speaks about the positive response of his small petrol booth, and Nafoe verifies that now, with the income of her pitu-brewery, she is able to pay the fees for the secondary school of her kids. Thomas gets a compliment on his flexible adaptation of farming tools according to the season. And the incredible taste of Asuma´s bread is known even in the far neighborhood. She is so overwhelming in her pride and joy.

The pay back rate: 98%, 2% are behind schedule, but they will catch up. The motivation is infectious. They want success. Definitely.

„We never want to work under such dangerous conditions such as gold mining again“, plea Ibrahima and Idrissu. O.K., then: „Next call for applications!“

Part 1: „Well done, Edrissa!“

Part 3: „A joyous reunion after 7 years“

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