Roller Coaster. The Story of December 23

Getting on a roller coaster of sentiments

„No, I did not sign this“. Questioned again in disbelieve, they explain that they accept the responsibilities and conditions of the contract but not the sharing of their new garden with the neighbouring village. Did we oversee a latent dispute? Did we possibly even provoke it? We are paralysed. We did start already with the construction works.

The memorandum contains all agreements reached, and after reading it out word by word it was thereafter signed by the two parties. This statement surprises us all. Discussions boil high. We stop the assaults, demanding an answer till the next morning. The district governor, who was called as mediator, reveals a feud. Even more accusations, more assaults, it seems insolvable. We are desperate. 15.000 Euro for nothing? Furor. Threats. Pledge for peace.

In the following, endless negotiations – emotional roller coaster over days. Finally, finally, they agree on peaceful cooperation. We are happy. We are exhausted.

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