One Christmas Story per day up to December 25

Fatal Dreams, a real life story

A: Edith, take me with you to Germany.

E: I cannot pay for your flight. And what would you do there?
A: I will work.
E: You are not allowed to work, you don´t have a permission.
A: Then I work for you.
E: Abdullai, I cannot pay you.
A: I only need food.
E: Also, I cannot take care of you, I have to work.
A: Then I will got to a friend. He has work for me. Import-export.
E: And if the police comes, he runs away?
A: He is faster.
E: What is so fascinating with this kind of live? Always running away. Just for a bit of money. Only to spend for food and living. Without your family.
A: Food and living will be provided, aren’t they?
E: But it will not feed your family.
A: I will be rich.
E: You won’t. Has your friend been able to send money home?
A: No. But soon. He told me.
E: That’s what he said.

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