Larger loans for successful business women

Upgrade for our First Step Project! Successful and strong business women like Albertina can now apply for a second, larger loan, to expand their business. 

We have good news: We are raising the credit fund of the First Step Foundation by 16.000 Euro! After successfully paying back the first microcredit, successful business women like Albertina can now apply for a second loan from up to 2000 Cedis, about 400 Euro. 

This is an important step. The first microcredit is a necessary aid to build ones own business, but it has its limitations for what one can achieve with it. In our video interview Albertina talks about the challenges she faces and how a second credit would not only help her, but also allow other women to earn an income. 

Please adjust settings for english subtitles. 

With the second credit from our partner organization, we want to give women like Albertina the chance to expand their business. Ideally this will create new job opportunities for other women as well. There is just one important condition: The women must have completed the first phase of the First Step Project and have run a successful business for a longer period of time. 

Three participants of the First Step Project. A second loan would allow them to enlarge their business and create job opportunities for more women.

„With a second credit I could expand my business and employ other women to sell by baked goods on the market. This way you don’t only help me but also other women at the same time.“

We are very happy to be able to take this step and look forward to hearing back from Albertina soon. 


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