Joyful moment for Bunburiga

More than 5.000 Euro donations help reconstruct health center

Someone told us, they celebrated late into the night.

They were so happy! During our visit to Ghana a couple of weeks ago, we handed over the first installment of donations to the villagers of Bunburiga – EUR 5.062! For this we sincerely want to thank all of our supporters. 

After a desastrous attack in Bunburiga, one of the five villages participating in our Anoshe Women project, 47 families lost their homes and all their belongings. The health center was completely destroyed. Up to now no official has visited the victims, nor can they expect any support from the government. 

Bei einem Brandanschlag ist die Krankenstation von Bunburiga völlig abgebrannt. © Ralf Rebmann

Burnt to the ground: The health center of Bunburiga.

In order to help the people of Bunburiga, we asked for donations

But it was also obvious to us, that money can’t fix everything. In order to achieve a peaceful future, the two conflicting parties had to reconcile with each other. 

In the Chief of Chereponi we found the perfect mediator. ‚ChiefChief‘ – this is how the people call him with honour and love – has always supported our projects in northeast Ghana with great dedication. When we asked him to help us settle the dispute between Wenchiki and Bunburiga, he didn’t hesitate for a moment and initiated the community healing process between the villages.

During the festive ceremony his words and his sonoric voice had lasting impact.

„I am glad to be here today to witness the start of a new peaceful beginning. Peace is very important for development. This conflict happened and it has been a very sad tragedy. But let’s forgive ourselves and others and look into the future with peace and as a community.“ – Chief from Chereponi.

ChiefChief Quote

Now there lies another challenge ahead of him: how to distribute the money in a wise and just way. The donations are not enough to restore the entire compounds, but people it’s a start. And with a simple, intermediate construction, the health center should soon be able to operate again.

Naturally, there are also jealous farmers, whose homes were not affected by the fire, but who starve to renovate their broken homes just the same. Not easy to handle these situations. That´s why ‚ChiefChief‘ postponed a journey to the boarding school of his daughter in Kumasi, to instead accompany the reconstruction efforts in Bunburiga. An incredibly important support. 

He likes us, so he says, and he loves to support us. 

As dear friends we share the joy of the people in Bunburiga.

And we love to share this joy with you, our valuable supporters!

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