Video-Interview with the Anoshe Women

„We want to be role models“

These five Anoshe Angels play an important part in our agricultural project in the northeastern region of Ghana. Listen to what they have to say: 

Since five years now we support about 450 women from the Chereponi District with the cultivation of soybeans. To achieve a better understanding for new cultivation methods, we decided to stronger involve the women into our decision process. That is why we founded the „Rural business Angels“ in 2014 – a group eight designated representatives from the five participating villages. Since over two years now we have been meeting regularly, learning different cultivation methods, how to better fertilize the soil and increase production. After each meeting they carry the newly acquired knowledge into their villages. The „Anoshe Angels“ function as important multipliers and help strengthen the group spirit. 

Watch the Video-interview and get to know five of these remarkable women. Listen to how happy they are with the progress of the last few years and where they would wish for more support. 

The Video is in the original language with German subtitles. Please find the english translation below. 

„I am Naomi from Bunburiga“
„My name is Tampuli and I am from Ando Kajura“
„I am Jara Abukari. I am from Nansoni“
„My name is Naval. I am from Ando Kajura“
„I am Mariama from Nansoni“

„We all come from different villages of farmers.“
„We are all farmers. We have always been farmers and we always want to stay farmers. But we need help for that.“
„As representatives of our villages we meet regularly to speak about the Anoshe Women project and improve our farming skills and ways of harvesting the crop.“
„Thanks to the tractor we are now able to harvest the crop on time and sow.“
„I was voted to be an Anoshe Angel because I have a Motorbike and I am able to go to the meetings in Chereponi.“ 
„Whatever I learn in the meetings, I report to the women in my village.“
„We share all the information with our group.“
„We talk about how best to prepare the acre and how best to reuse the residue of the plants.“
„The other women from my village are always happy to learn new things and try to implement them directly.“
„Not all of the women are equally engaged and motivated.They don’t understand how the can benefit from the work with Sabab Lou. But we Angels are determined to keep on learning. We want to be role models for the others.“
„We need to get better as a group and achieve that everyone of our group pays back their contribution.“
„Back then we also used to farm. But back then we were not so organized and didn’t have that much yield.“
„Our group in Nansoni gets better every time. With the help of the foundation we were able to improve our farming skills. Because of that more and more women want to participate in the project.“


„A small credit would help us put up a business and pass the dry season. In this time we have no income.“
„A microcredit would help us overcome the dry period.“
„People are fools. We should be grateful for all the help. But we are also human and kindly ask for more help.“

Here you can find more information about the „Anoshe Women Project in the Chereponi-District of Ghana.

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