Insight: Ghanaean companies join us in our efforts (25.11.2020)

In order to make degraded soils fertile again in the long term, we need a large amount of lime in our Chereponi Farming Project. The company Carmeuse Ghana will not only supply us with the necessary lime in the coming year, but will also support us with the professional incorporation. An example of successful cooperation.

The farmers of the Chereponi Farming Project will bring in a good harvest in this year’s pilot phase. They are still threshing, but rumor has it that yield will be 50 percent more than last year. We will certainly come back to you soon with facts and figures.

Nevertheless, we are already planning next year’s season. What equipment do we need to purchase, what fertilization measures are required, what logistics are necessary to involve 250 farmer families with around 300 hectares in all measures? Together with Rainer Kornhaas, the experienced agronomist and supporter, with Akor Munkaila, the project manager and farmer, and with all participating farmer families, we have developed a convincing catalog of measures. We also work closely together with local companies. An important partner in 2021 will be the company Carmeuse Ghana.

A central measure in 2021 is the intensive, regenerative liming of soils. A balanced acid-base condition of the soil, measured by the pH rate, is essential for the absorption of nutrients by the plants. Degraded, over-acidic soils, such as we find in northeastern Ghana, also prevent any humus build-up. And that is what we are concerned about. A regenerative liming of the fields, as we intend to do, is very expensive and not affordable for the individual farmers. But together and as a cooperative we can do it.

The unconditional willingness to perform and commitment of the project participants also convinced Carmeuse Ghana. They will not only support us financially, but will also train the farmer families in soil analysis and evaluation and in conceptual consulting.

It is our primary interest to bring local actors and stakeholders on board. It serves the overall economic strengthening of an entire region. We need these allies in order to strengthen small-scale, cooperative structures. Thank you, Carmeuse!

Carmeuse factory in Accra ©Akor Munkaila/Sabab Lou


Akor Munkaila in Carmeuse delivery storage in Bolgatanga ©Akor Munkaila/Sabab Lou

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