Insight: The new students are starting (02.12.2020)

Finally they are here: The first trainees of the new year have moved into the camp of the Gambian Youth Project and will complete their two-year training from now on. But first it’s time to get to work and prepare the gardening beds

These are the first of the new group of trainees. They moved into camp immediately after their selection. In total there will be 40, the first 13 girls and 13 boys are already there. For the selection interviews, project manager Momodou Bah insisted that all applicants visit the camp so that they can see how much work is waiting for them and they can exchange ideas with the first group. They made their decision: They will live in the camp for the next 2 years, learn a lot and produce their own vegetables from scratch.

the first new students ©Sabab Lou

But at first hard work is waiting for them. They will not find a well-kept garden, which they will only plant. Like last year’s group, they will have to dig their beds out of the bush and plant them. They will learn everything from the bottom up, they may have to plant their own garden later.

In the next few weeks they will create 4 x 10 beds each. Starting with a first segment of 10 beds in each of which the already grown seedlings will soon be replanted and sown. So it will look like this by February 2021 at the latest:

southside of the camp ©Sabab Lou

. . . and they can go into full cultivation of the entire garden of the camp in Ballingho. Because profitability is the goal!

With machetes and hoes and rakes they are working their way through the northern part of the site, which will later become their working and production area. They bring their motivation and ambition with them, because they want to join the first group as soon as possible and make a significant contribution to productive vegetable cultivation. And of course they want to learn a lot!

©Sabab Lou

©Sabab Lou

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Implementing a successful project requires a lot of strength, endurance and trust. Together with our project partners, we develop and accompany projects that offer a sustainable perspective in rural areas. Our more than 10 years of project work have always been characterized by ups and downs, successes and failures. But what makes the difference for us are the people we are allowed to work with and the little stories of the daily project routine.

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