Hands of Agnes. The Story of December 25

The hands of a woman, who succeeds to make a living

It is difficult to make our way through the busy, heavily packed market north of Offinso. Blazing heat, terrorizing noise. We want to visit one of our micro-credit borrowers, here in Central Ghana. Sudden screaming, disbelieve, we embrace each other. Agnes Gyamfuwaa is all smiles. 2011 she got a micro-loan from us to start a small trading business. Her hands remained in our memories. Strong hands, hands of an always hard working elderly woman.

Since then she buys yams from farmers and sells them on this market with a small profit. And still sells till today. She is so happy to prove to us so unexpectedly that she made it. What joy. She does not want to let us leave, her hands are reaching out for us, even when we plunge into the stream of bodies. We are moved by her heartful approach. Agnes Gyamfuwaa is all smiles.

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