The Gift of a future

Advent has begun and Christmas is right around the corner. We’re baking cinnamon stars, drinking Glühwein (mulled wine), and searching in overcrowded city centers for a special Christmas gift for our loved ones. If you’d like to give a meaningful and lasting gift this year, we have an idea for you. Donate the amount that was intended for your Christmas gift to Sabab Lou and give a person in West Africa the gift of a chance at a dignified and independent future. As a ‘thank you’, you will receive in the mail one of our pretty Christmas cards, along with the Christmas stories; short stories directly from our projects written by Edith Lanfer.

You can also “give the gift of a future” through your company. There are many different advantages for your business when you donate. By donating to Sabab Lou, you’re showing your clients and business partners the social activities in which your company engages. You’re also saving time by eliminating the effort of choosing, wrapping, and sending a gift. Furthermore, you’ll also receive a donation receipt which allows you to write off your donation when you file your taxes.

This is how “the gift of a future” works
Donate an amount of your choice to Sabab Lou. If you’d like to donate online, select “The Gift of a Future” under Projects in the online donation form. When donating via wire transfer, simply write “The Gift of a Future”, along with your address, in the purpose for payment area.

Stiftung Sabab Lou
IBAN: DE20 6137 0024 0012 0915 00

We thank you for your support and wish you an Advent season of reflection!