Reason to hope

The harvest at the Chereponi Farming Project is just around the corner. And there is reason for hope. Plant growth is good, and the crops have begun to ripen. This is due to two central aspects.

In the remote project region in northeastern Ghana, soil degradation is at a very advanced stage. People’s harvests are no longer sufficient to feed themselves and their families, let alone provide schooling for their children.

The Chereponi Farming Project therefore places particular emphasis on improving soil conditions while increasing yields. By means of gentle soil cultivation, crop rotation, green manuring, undersowing and sustainable harvesting methods, the aim is to sustain agriculture as the only source of income for the people in the long term.

Initial measures are already having an impact


Since the beginning of March 2021, 360 farmers in northeastern Ghana have been cultivating 240 hectares of arable land according to the principles of sustainable agriculture. Initial regenerative liming and extensive organic fertilization were followed by gentle tillage using cultivators and disc harrows, and the sowing of high-quality seeds – always accompanied by comprehensive training sessions.

And these measures are already having an effect. After nearly 100 percent seed germination, the plants are developing promisingly and the crops soybean, corn, millet and sesame have begun to mature. So there is reason to hope that the 360 farmers will receive a harvest this year that will significantly improve their food and income situation.

Rain as a success factor


The harvest is due to start at the end of October. The fact that the harvest is expected to be good is also due to the rain. So far this year, it has fallen regularly, supporting the efforts of all involved. Unlike last year, when heavy rainfall destroyed parts of the fields and there was no rain in the important ripening phase at the end of September.

But whether the rain will continue to fall until harvest and remain reliable in the coming years is not certain. This is because the consequences of climate change are already clearly noticeable on the ground. It is therefore all the more important to improve the soil so that it can store more nutrients and moisture and offer the plants natural protection through more structure.

Despite our initial successes, we have not yet reached our goal. We continue. Support us and help to counteract the degradation of the soils in Chereponi [full sentence = link to donation tool]. Because for the local people, their soil is all they have.

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