Anoshe Women Project

In this project in the Chereponi District of Ghana’s northeastern region, we support 450 women from five villages by helping them cultivate soybeans across a total area of more than 300 hectares (750 acres).

This means that seed is provided, tractors are used to plow the fields before sowing, the women are provided advice regarding planting, fertilizing, and weed control and, finally, the harvest is stored and sold. Overall, this project aims to reduce poverty in the region by creating jobs and income opportunities. When you include the families of the women and their villages, there are currently about 7,000 people who benefit from this project. Above all else, we’re helping the beneficiaries deal with long-term problems, such as the yearly declining yields. To counter these problems, we have implemented an extensive project in 2017, aiming to increase productivity. The project focused on elaborate fertilizing activities, but also on comprehensive measurements of soil treatment. The activities were organized and monitored by agricultural assistants of an agrilcultural university in Tamale, North-Ghana. All these efforts resulted in a 50 per cent increase of productivity, which is quite remarkable. Since mid-2016, we’ve also been supporting individual business projects. By doing so, we’re helping the young people of the villages build up small businesses, such as trading in poultry or fuel, or opening up a bakery. Such an approach is particularly aimed at counteracting illegal migration.

The project is managed by the local non-governmental organization Anoshe Women Group. In cooperation with the organization, we aim to get the project running on its own. With the successfully implemented Increase Productivity Project we made a big step forward towards that goal.