Anoshe Women Project

Sabab Lou is running this income generating project since 2012, together with the partner organization Anoshe Women Group. It is located in the Chereponi district in northeastern Ghana. In 2018, 337 women from five villages around Chereponi took part in the soybean cultivation project.

The group carried out extensive soil improvement and fertilization activities in 2017, with Sabab Lou’s financial support, and thus was able to increase yields by around 100 percent to an average of 1 tonne per hectare. Three villages with a total of 221 women were able to keep their former yield increases during the following year. In 2018, the group was no longer supported, the ongoing increase thus is a result of the women’s own effort. And it confirms the Foundation’s commitment to sustainability together with its partner organization. Admittedly, this does not always work: two villages with a total of 116 women returned to the levels of 2016 – 659 kg or 889 kg per hectare.

As far as the successful villages are concerned, partcipants realized that they have to continue with their efforts to maintain and increase what they have achieved. The knowledge of careful plowing and reduced tillage, planting in rows and keeping distances as well as sustainable harvesting methods is available, it is about implementing these measures. Sabab Lou will accompany the group in 2019, but will no longer actively intervene in the project.