Currently, we’re actively engaged in three projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. The FIRST STEP PROJECT is a classic microcredit project. Every year, we’re helping several hundred of extremely poor women in the Ashanti region of Ghana to build their own small businesses using credit. With the ANOSHE WOMEN PROJECT, we’re supporting 450 women in northeastern Ghana, all of whom comprise the Anoshe Women Group, as they cultivate, store and sell their crops. In the BADDIBU PROJECT, deep within the heartland of The Gambia, we’re supporting women and youths from four villages as they cultivate vegetables. The main purpose of all of the projects is that the beneficiaries generate their own income so that they are able to not only feed their families, but also maintain and continue their businesses.

With the expertise we have gained in recent years, we launched a fourth project in 2019 – the GAMBIAN YOUTH PROJECT – a work and training program for unemployed youth.