The Team

Lawrence Osei Asamoah

“It’s good to help people who truly want to change their living situation and who are ready to do something about it.”

Lawrence, born in 1976, is the director of the NGO set up by Sabab Lou in Ghana with which he implements the microcredit project in Offinso. Lawrence, or Kwame as he is called in Ashanti, greatly impacted the project and has expanded it so that it encompasses around 400 loan borrowers per year. He studied financial management and has worked in development cooperation in Ghana since 2008.


Mandavi Axer
“He who fights, can lose. He who doesn’t fight, has already lost” (Quote Bertold Brecht)

Mandavi Axer, born 1984, is responsible for the online communication of Sabab Lou. She has been involved in the foundation since its founding moments and is deeply convinced of the concept of EMPOWERMENT.


Momodou Bah
“Life is transient. However, great and positive impacts are just never transient. That said; leaving the world in a pretty much better shape than I met it is my motivation.”

Since 2016, Momodou, born in 1981, is the director of the NGO set up by Sabab Lou in The Gambia. Momodou is responsible for the onsite implementation of the Baddibu Project in the villages and the Small Business Projects Gambia. He faces the difficult task of managing the projects so that the people can improve their living conditions, but also so the business can run on its own. In 2015 Momodou successfully completed his studies in Accounting and Finance at Grace Institute of Professional Accounting in Banjul.


Christian Bateki
“Share each other’s burdens, and this way obey the law of Christ” (Galatian 6:2)

Christian Bateki, born in 1990, has been engaged as project manager of the Gambian Youth Project since April 2019 and is also responsible for the strategic development of the foundation.

He brings a broad knowledge in the field of agricultural sciences in the tropics and subtropics. Christian has been associated with Sabab Lou since 2012, when he was part of the Anoshe Women project for four months and assisted in sheep and goat breeding in Ghana.


Peter Beutelspacher
“I admire the courage, determination, and stamina of the women and men in our projects and I’m excited to be able to support them along their way.”

Peter Beutelspacher, born in 1963, has been a member of the foundation’s board since October of 2015 and is responsible for communications and public relations. For many years, he has worked as a self-employed lighting designer in Stuttgart. Peter has been associated with the foundation for a long time and is excited to now have the opportunity to actively support the work of Sabab Lou.


Klaus Fischer
„He who does not care for others, does not care for himself.“ (Quote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Mitglied des Stiftungsrats: Klaus Fischer ©Sabab Lou
Klaus Fischer, born 1980, joined Sabab Lou as a member of the Advisory Board in April 2017. With over 20 years experience in Banking sector, Klaus Fischer builds upon a strong network of people. After having worked at a large bank for 15 years, he has been working in wealth management at PICTET & CIE for the last six years. 


Martina Herzog
“As the twentieth century draws to a close, we find that the world has grown smaller and the world’s people have become almost one community [;]…events in one part of the world eventually affect the entire planet.” (Quote Dalai Lama)

Martina Herzog, born in 1964, has been a member of the foundation’s board since October of 2015 and is responsible for financial and project-management related matters. After having completed a bank-traineeship, she obtained her degree in Business Administration and went on to work as an asset manager at a private bank in Stuttgart for 25 years. Martina has been a part of the foundation for many years now and she is excited to be able to invest all of her energy into the development and implementation of the projects.


Friedrich Keller-Bauer
“I am truly grateful for the experience that helping people help themselves in the field of development really works. It’s worth the effort.”

Geschäftsführer von Sabab Lou: Friedrich Keller-Bauer ©Sabab Lou
Friedrich, born in 1949, is the founder of the foundation and chairman of its board. Since its establishment in 2009, he also directs the operations, which primarily consist of the planning, management, monitoring and evaluation of the projects. Friedrich studied German Langauge and Literature and Philosophy, was managing director of a SME-company until the mid-90s, and afterwards has been working for himself in the advertising industry.


Nicholas Kombat
“Having witnessed first-hand the challenges of women in my part of the world, I was motivated to assist in changing their status-quo.”

Nicholas, born in 1982, directs the Anoshe Women’s Group; a group of 450 women in the Chereponi district of Northern Ghana which is supported by Sabab Lou in the cultivation and selling of soybeans. Nicholas has significantly contributed to development of the group from 150 to 450 members in the last four years. Prior to joining Sabab Lou, Nicholas studied Management at Tamale Polytechnic and received a Bachelor of Management Studies at the University of Cape Coast. He taught at Chereponi Senior High School and is currently working with the Chereponi District Assembly as an Information Officer.


Edith Lanfer
“I want to encourage people to develop productive ideas in order to achieve independence and self-reliance”

Together with Mandavi, Edith Lanfer, born in 1957, is responsible for the online communication of the foundation. She is author of many of many of the blogposts and writes regular updates about the projects in Ghana and The Gambia.  As the wife of Friedrich Keller-Bauer, she is engaged in work of the foundation since its beginning. Her expertise lies in the development and implementation of agricultural projects. 


Götz Mäuser

“I want to give something back and with Sabab Lou, I can get involved in an area where I can contribute the most and where such contributions are truly needed.”

Götz, born in 1963, has been connected to the foundation in many ways since 2011. We appreciate his contributions not only as a consultant for the institution and its organization, as well as the daily business operations of our foreign NGOs, but also for his generous financial support for these projects. Götz is a trained business manager and, after working as a consultant at McKinsey, was partner at the private equity company Permira for many years. Since early 2014, he has worked as an independent consultant, investor and board member.


Akor Munkaila
“Having seen the challenges my mother went through, I have decided to assist women in any capacity that I can.”

Since earlier this year, Akor, born in 1984, has led the NGO which was established by Sabab Lou to support the Anoshe Women Project. It is a task full of responsibility and includes the provision of loans and grants, the collection of data on the project’s status and progress, as well as gathering information on the participants and seeing to their integration into the project. Akor comes from one of the 5 villages involved in the project and studied Economics in Ghana.


Steffen Schniepp
“You can’t do something great every day, but you can do something good”

Born in 1976, Steffen joined the foundation as a new member of the Advisory Board of Sabab Lou at the beginning of 2015. We’re happy to have him! Steffen brings a considerable amount of experience and expertise with him. He is a lawyer and has worked as partner for several international companies over many years. Since 2014, he has been a partner at PwC and is responsible for the area of M&A/Private Equity in Stuttgart.


Annkatrin Schober
“If we don’t fit in this world it means we were born to help create another one.“ (Author unknown)

Annkatrin Schober, born in 1992, has been working for the foundation since April 2019. During the parental leave of Mandavi Axer, she is responsible for the online communication of the Foundation and its further development in the field of social media. Sabab Lou’s work was introduced to her during an internship at the aid organization of the Lufthansa Group, which supports the foundation until today. She is currently completing her master’s degree at the University of Hohenheim in the field of agricultural sciences in the tropics.


Achim von Heynitz
“It’s the economy, stupid” (Quote from Bill Clinton’s Election Campaign Advisor)

Achim, born in 1944, has been a member of the Advisory Board of Sabab Lou since the foundation’s inception and has not only contributed immensely to its concept and strategy, but also to its everyday tasks. After having studied Economics, Achim was for many years a political and economic advisor with various think tanks, has served at the German Foreign Ministry at the time of German unification, and from 1991 to 1997 at the EBRD during its setup. After it from 1997 until 2006 he has been working as Budget Department Director at the World Bank. Since 2006, Achim has worked as an independent consultant for various international and UN institutions such as the World Bank, the FAO, ILO, IFAD, and the AfDB, as well as with countries such as India, Nigeria and Nepal. He is an associate professor at the University of Geneva and is a board member at several institutions.