Partner Organizations

Sabab Lou was unable to identify any local organizations capable of effectively putting our entrepreneurial approach into action. Consequently, the foundation itself established partner organizations for our projects. We can therefore now be sure of local leadership and teams that are autonomous and highly motivated, with the skills and mindset needed to implement our ideas. The project leaders are advised and monitored by supervisory boards comprising multiple carefully selected members.

During project implementation, the foundation supports the project managers in an advisory capacity. In addition, the project managers report on the status and progress of the projects in monthly meetings. This enables the foundation to monitor the proper use of the funds entrusted to it and, if necessary, to take corrective action.

Rural Development Organization (RDO) 

The Rural Development Organization (RDO) was established in 2012 with the support of Sabab Lou. The goal was, in cooperation with individual local communities, to implement the vegetable cultivation projects for income generation funded by Sabab Lou. In 2018, in preparation for the Gambian youth project, the RDO was registered as an independent Gambian NGO, with a revised charter.

The RDO is headquartered in Farafenni in the Gambian interior, where the current youth project is located. The RDO’s overarching mission is to reduce the extreme poverty that blights rural Gambia by supporting and developing the predominantly smallholder farms. The RDO regards itself as a social enterprise that, after receiving start-up funding from Sabab Lou, seeks to be self-financing in the mid-term through project income. As an autonomous organization the RDO will, in the future, participate in other, similar projects in other regions. A supervisory board guarantees RDO’s organizational independence.

Project leader and CEO of the Rural Development Organization
Momodou, born 1981, has been RDO CEO since 2016. He has played a key role in the successful completion of several community projects and the current planning and implementation of the comprehensive Gambian Youth Project. Momodou is a qualified accountant and was, prior to joining RDO, responsible for the administration of a large training facility.


Farming Development Organization (FDO) 

The Farming Development Organization (FDO) was created as an autonomous Ghanaian aid organization in 2020, following in the footsteps of the Anoshe Women Group, first established in 2011. The Anoshe Women Group’s mission was to help local women’s groups to grow field crops as a source of income. The new entity, the FDO, was founded to implement the Chereponi Farming Project.

The FDO is based in Chereponi, in the district of the same name, in the far north of Ghana. Its mission is to improve the lives of farming families in the region and to end poverty. By means of income-generating initiatives, it helps participants to make farming more productive and more profitable. The focus is on sustainable methods that conserve natural resources. As a social enterprise, the FDO will, after the start-up phase, fund its activities in the mid-term through project income. As an independent organization, it has the option of implementing similar projects at other locations. A supervisory board ensures the independence of the FDO in terms of organization and operations.

Project leader and CEO of the Farming Development Organization
Akor, born 1984, is head of the FDO. Previously, he acted as CEO of the Anoshe Women Project together with Nicholas Kombat, who is now member of FDO’s supervisory board. Akor is responsible for the planning and implementation of the Chereponi Farming Project. Akor is a practicing farmer in his home village of Nansoni and studied economics.