Emergency aid for Bunburiga

Update on current situation

In April there was a desastrous attack in Bunburiga, one of our project villages in North-East Ghana, where 47 families lost their homes and all their belongings. Please read our update on the current situation.

They are still left alone.Till date no official person has visited the village, not even to inspect the devastated health center. They get no support from the district government, no help from any other organisation. Only our project managers and community agents support the people of Bunburiga, give out seeds so that they can till their fields, and bring clothes and maize or millet. The villagers who fled across the border to nearby Togo are back and try to help each other to erect at least one room to shelter themselves during the upcoming rainy season. T

hey simply have no money for a complete reconstruction of their compounds, not to speak about buying equipment or animals. We have to act fast and arrange for a minimum of available medicin before Bunburiga will be cut off due to the dangerously rising rivers during the rainy season. We therfore request you urgently to help us help the people of Bunburiga. Please donate for our emergency relief project on betterplace.org.

Affected family in Bunburiga © Friedrich Keller-Bauer

Left on their own – the families in Bunburiga don’t receive any support from the district government.

A burnt down house in the village of Bunburiga © Friedrich Keller-Bauer

Up to now no official person has visited the village, not even to inspect the devastated health center.

A burnt house in Bunburiga © Friedrich Keller-Bauer

The families have no money to rebuild their houses, nor to buy equipment or new animals.

Villagers of Bunburiga © Friedrich Keller-Bauer

Villagers who fled across the border to Togo, now come back to help each other © Friedrich Keller-Bauer

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