Leave a legacy

What happens with my estate if something happens to me? Can I leave some things behind that can make a lasting impact? When someone thinks about the finiteness of one’s own life, then questions such as these tend to arise.

The classic foundation under civil law is laid out for a long time – forever, as they say. It’s created to leave a lasting mark. A fortune, which is left to the ENDOWMENT of such a foundation, is permanently preserved. When you hand over your fortune, or part of it, to the Sabab Lou Foundation, you help people in need in disadvantaged parts of the world to build up their own independent and dignified lives. These estates serve a good purpose…even beyond your own life.

During one’s lifetime, a legacy is to be managed in the form of a will. It’s a part of planning one’s life, and to this end, we can provide you with some preliminary tips, also with regard to the inheritance tax advantages that you’ll receive. However, professional advice is indispensable if you do indeed decide to proceed. We would be happy to provide you with a list of specialized lawyers or notaries in your region. Contact Martina Herzog, member of the board, at martina.herzog@sabab-lou.de or call +49 711 30009424.