You want to donate a larger sum and ensure that it lasts on a long-term basis? Then make an endowment, meaning you can contribute that sum to the foundation’s capital reserve. Sabab Lou is an incorporated foundation under civil law and is bound by foundation law to maintain its capital reserve. For this reason, endowments may be an option to leave a LEGACY. Endowments to this type of foundation are ‘eternal’, meaning they last forever. On the other hand, this is something that the foundation also uses: a higher endowment capacity yields higher capital earnings; financing plans can be created independent of current donations; and projects can be planned for the long-term.

Contributing to an endowment is not associated with any administrative effort or bureaucratic obligation. You make a contribution towards an accredited and fully operational foundation, while enjoying the tax benefits of a standard donation.

We’re happy to personally give you some advice. Contact Daniel Richardt, at daniel.richardt@sabab-lou.de or call +49 711 62070010.