Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As a successful entrepreneur, you know that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a high value, that employees, customers, and other stakeholders alike appreciate, and that has a positive effect on the image of a company. With regard to that, not just nearby social surroundings, but even global developments directly affect us. For example: the dramatically increasing wave of refugees who are coming from Sub-Saharan countries..

The Sabab Lou Foundation is entrepreneurially active. The projects in Sub-Saharan Africa are aimed at creating jobs. We’re going into the savanna and building up the production of vegetables, soybeans and rice together with the village communities. By doing so, the people there are able to generate income and develop prospects for their futures. We’re fighting poverty there in the place where it begins. We can prove that successful development work leads to people earning their own livelihoods in their own home countries and that they no longer need to flee. Working in Africa instead of dying at sea.

What could be your commitment to this kind of development work? Take a look at this proposal for PROJECT FUNDING. By doing this, you can help alleviate poverty and fight the causes of illegal migration. And not only that…how do they say it: do good things and talk about it. This is how you show your stakeholders that you are aware of your social responsibility and that you are reacting in a far-sighted manner to one of the greatest challenges of our time. That’s how you show them that you can act entrepreneurially in cases like these as well, and support measures aimed at sustainably and decisively solving mass migratory movements.

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