Earth Day

Mother Earth sounds like tender care, like protection and security, food and life. Yet in many places around the world we see a strange understanding of „subdue the earth.“ Thoughts on Earth Day.


A maximum of two millet plants on one square meter – the depleted soil does not allow more ©Sabab Lou

It seems that this biblical quotation is all too often interpreted as a justification for the exploitation of the earth. Scenarios of a threatening shortage of food propagated the use of artificial fertilizers and monocultures; propagated the efficiency of an agricultural industry. The simple farmers with their exhausted fields fell by the wayside; the growth prophecy of the multinational agribusiness corporations was only a short bluff.

Our foundation Sabab Lou is committed to climate justice. We want to bring people and nature back into harmony. Above all, we want the disadvantaged rural population in the poor regions of the world to have a fair share in food and income security again.

We protect Mother Earth


Thus, together with our partner organizations, we are making enormous efforts to regenerate the fields, the earth. In doing so, we rely on the interplay of ecology and economy. People should be able to live from their soil, and the soil should get back what was taken from it. This can only be achieved by working together. Our mantra: economic through ecological sustainability.

We care for the cycle of nature. So that people can live permanently from Mother Earth.

©Sabab Lou

Returning nutrients to the soil – laborious composting in The Gambia ©Sabab Lou

Climate Justice


This also includes ensuring that we do not destroy the economic basis of the rural population in poor West Africa with our highly subsidized agricultural goods. Our prosperity must not be based on the expense of a (survival) perspective for people in the global south.

Support us in our efforts to give the people in our projects a food and income perspective. For a just world without poverty. For the protection of Mother Earth.

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