Annual Report 2016

How was the political and economic situation in Ghana and The Gambia in 2016? How successful did we implement our projects? Did we achieve our goals? Read the facts.

Annual Report Sabab Lou

Transferring responsibility

One of our main goals in 2016 was to further empower our project partners in Ghana and The Gambia and transfer more responsibility onto them. Why is this important to us? The main idea behind each of our projects is to eventually exit the project and hand over the full responsibility to our project partners. For this we need to strengthen the existing capacities in our partner organizations. The good news: In 2016 we exited our first project! Since the end of last year Lawrence Osei Asamoa, director of our partner organization the First Step Foundation, is fully and solely responsible for the activities of the micro-credit project

Another important aim was to secure and strengthen the already existing sources of income of our project participants. We did this for instance by discussing and planning new methods for a more sustainable soil management and implementing them together with the women. It was a successful year. 

But read for yourself. You will find all important details to all of our projects in our Annual Report 2016

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