…and on we go!

Two months ago, we started building the infrastructure for our Gambian Youth Project, laid the foundations for the complex, started the drilling for the solar pumping and irrigation system and started the excavations of the pipeline system as we reported

First steps have been taken…

We were full of praise for the work of the construction team, now we have respect and admiration. Restless work takes place from sunrise to sunset, with enormous physical effort, in 40 ° heat.

Well deserved lunch-break for the team

No excavator, no lift, no cement mixer – all handmade. The 16 support posts for the 25-tonne water tower are excavated and cemented one meter deep, each wheelbarrow of cement is individually stirred and filled into deep holes to stabilize 600 fence posts, each steel support for the roof construction laboriously erected, the drainage system is beaten into the hard ground with pickaxes and shovels, etc. You may go with us through the illustrated work performance, the willingness of the simple workers to participate in a significant project for their country, their region, is impressive.
Mr. Joof, head of the Agency for the Development of Women & Children, Gambia, and working in the agricultural sector since 1996, said during his visit „I can already see now that there is nothing like this in this country. It perfectly matches the country´s most urgent needs.“
The expectations are high – we are responsible.

Unser erstes Kartoffelbeet

Bending and welding of the fence posts

Attachement of the fence

Construction of the greenhouses

The northern water tank and mounting of photovoltaic-modules

Mounting of the roof girder

We already met first applicants

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