Added Value. The Story of December 22

What Added Value is worth

After five months of hard work on their fields, they earned 200 Ghanaian Cedis equalling 50 Euro, which correspond to 30 Eurocent per day. Assuming a family size of 10, this amounts to 3 Cent per head.Added value which makes the women very proud. If they don´t have to pay back debts, they can invest in a small petty trading business. For half a year. Before they have to invest again in seeds and ploughing services for the next farming cycle.

After the drought of last year, almost all women of Chereponi district in Northeastern Ghana incurred debts. This year, our local organisation, the Anoshe Women Group, helps with a microcredit. According to WHO a person is called extremely poor with less than 1,25 USD income a day. Do our efforts help them to evade severe poverty? The women want it. By all means.

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